Terms and conditions

As an independent customer/distributor of World Mission 21 Ltd., I shall undertake and agree to the following terms and conditions :-

1. I do hereby apply for World Mission 21 Ltd. with a view to authorizing distributorship along with account opening fees of BDT. 250.00.

2. I am a permanent citizen of Bangladesh and aged about 18 or above (attaining the eligibility to enter into a contract). My minimum educational qualification is JSC/class eight standards.

3. As long as I hold the distributorship of World Mission 21 Ltd., I shall comply with all current programs, policies, procedures, rules, regulations, agenda and requirements which may be amended from time to time by World Mission 21 Ltd.

4. I shall undertake to allow World Mission 21 Ltd. to deduct 10(ten)% tax from my earning which is determined by the Board of Revenue and pay the same to the Board of Revenue department in due time.

5. I affirm that I am an independent customer/distributor and not employee, agent, partner or shareholder of World Mission 21 Ltd. and I am not entrusted to act on behalf of World Mission 21 Ltd. in the name of franchises, shareholders, officers, directors, employees.

6. I shall not use World Mission 21 Ltd.'s trade name, trademark, product mark, visiting cards or any form of advertising without prior written consent of respective authority.

7. I shall not alter any product contents or packaging without the prior consent /approval of World Mission 21 Ltd. I shall not make any fictitious, imaginary or frivolous commitment towards the Customer/Distributor.

8. I shall not misuse any privilege provided by the World Mission 21 Ltd. and I shall be obliged all rules and policies which is framed by World Mission 21 Ltd. in Kreta-Poribeshok Shohayeka.

9. I shall not provide any untrue statements or conceal any material information to World Mission 21 Ltd. in consistent with Kreta-Poribeshok Shohayeka. I shall not do any act which may hamper the reputation of World Mission 21 Ltd.

10. I shall not work with any other link or cross link in pursuant with the Customer-Distributor Assistance Manual. I shall not favour any kind of corruption or deal any kind of transaction which beyond the interest of company.

11. I affirm that World Mission 21 Ltd. shall take efficacious action on my distributorship while the breach of any terms and conditions of this agreement or while engaging any whimsical, capricious, malafide conduct which occasioned miscarriage of reputation of World Mission 21 Ltd. or any act which is beyond the ambit of governmental laws, rules, regulations, gazette or ordinance framed by the legislative or concern executive organ.

12. I confirm and declare that, all particulars and statements of the back page are true and correct of my best knowledge.

13. I also confirm and declare that I have gone through above mentioned terms and conditions and understand all the rules, regulations, code of ethics framed by the World Mission 2l Ltd. and agree to comply the same utmost.